Great news for Water Utilities came over the weekend when Governor Ralph Northam intervened and reversed a decision by the health commissioner to lay off all six Field Directors, along with 8 other key office personnel.
In the last two weeks, it was announced that the Office of Drinking Water would be laying off 14 personnel from each regional office effective January 9th, 2022. This decision would have had a profound impact on drinking water utilities around the state for systems of all sizes.  ODW provides technical support and oversight to Virginia's public water systems and this action would have impacted this critical function at a critical time with not only more regulations (newly approved Lead and Copper Rule) but also an infusion of federal funding for infrastructure repair and replacement.  
Gov. Ralph Northam’s press secretary said Saturday that the governor is reversing a decision by his health commissioner to lay off 14 people who monitor drinking water in Virginia. “The Governor has directed the Department of Health and the Department of Planning and Budget to fix the Office of Drinking Water’s budget shortfall now so that no one will lose their positions — this office and these individuals are too important to do otherwise,” said Alena Yarmosky, the governor’s press secretary, in an email. “The individuals affected are being notified now and we will work with the Office of Drinking Water to ensure their budget practices do not put them in this unfortunate situation again.”
Thank you to everyone that reached out to their local delegates, and the Office of Drinking Water directly, to voice their objection to the layoffs.