The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a joint committee under VA AWWA and VWEA and welcomes members of all disciplines and tenure in the water fields (engineers, scientists, operators, faculty, students, etc.).


Enhance students’ knowledge of the water environment and encourage student membership and participation in Association Activities


  • Promote education, training, and technology exchange programs related to water fields
  • Provide leadership and learning opportunities by promoting participation in VA AWWA and VWEA events and other communities activities


Did you know that college students are eligible for FREE memberships? 

Current undergraduates or graduates at a Virginia college/university are eligible for FREE membership in both organizations, VA AWWA and/or VWEA.

  • VA AWWA   To obtain your free VA AWWA membership, click "Free Student Membership" below.
  • VWEA   To obtain your free membership with WEF/VWEA, visit WEF's website here and use coupon code RVQWKK at checkout to cover the cost of your membership. 

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Student Chapters
VA AWWA and VWEA have student chapters at universities throughout Virginia. If you are interested in starting a student chapter at your college or university, please contact the SAC Chair. They would love to meet with you to discuss all the benefits!
Current Student Chapters:
There are many great resources for starting your Chapter.  Please go to each association's website for more information.
Need money for school?  Apply for a scholarship!
There are many scholarships available for college students and water operators.  
  • VA AWWA Scholarships
    • OneAWWA Operator Scholarship
    • Ray A. Jackson Undergraduate Scholarship
    • VA AWWA Graduate Scholarship
  • VWEA Scholarships
    • Undergraduate Student Scholarship
    • Rising Freshman Scholarship
    • Sonny Roden Memorial Graduate Student Scholarship
    • Operators Scholarship
    • Member Dependent Scholarship
  • AWWA Scholarships
    • Over 17 scholarship available through AWWA
WaterJAM 2021 Fresh Ideas Young Professional Poster Contest
Present your work and research to leading professionals in the water and environmental industries at WaterJAM 2020! Create a poster that showcases your innovative projects and research in the drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and environmental fields. Young professionals and students are encouraged to participate!
The top poster in the drinking water category will win $1,000 đź’° and be invited to present at the 2022 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition in San Antonio, TX.
The top poster in the wastewater/stormwater/environmental category will win $1,000 đź’° and will be recognized at the 2021 Water Environment Federation’s Exhibition and Conference.
Presenters will be invited to attend WaterJAM on Tuesday, September 14th to set up their poster boards and Wednesday, September 15th for judging. Submit your 125-word poster abstracts by email by August 6, 2021.
To submit your abstract or for more information, please contact Sarah Shay (, Rusty Rouilier (, and Sarah Busch (
Committee Contacts
Priyanka Mohandoss | Chair
Brown and Caldwell
Committee Meeting Schedule
Committee Meetings are conducted via conference calls at the following dates|times
Upcoming Committee Events