Two awards in the amount of up to $1,000 will be given out to water system operators (plant or distribution) in Virginia.  Preference is given to small Waterworks.
Deadline:  May 31, 2024
One award in the amount of $3,500 will be given out to an undergraduate student from universities and colleges in Virginia.
Deadline: May 31, 2024
One award in the amount of $3,500 will be given out to a graduate student from universities and colleges in Virginia.
Deadline: May 31, 2024

Please note the submittal deadlines for each scholarship.  Scholarships need to be submitted online using the button below.  

Direct any questions to Mark Titcomb (

Thank you and we look forward to your applications

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Previous Scholarship Recipients
The Student Activities Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the VA AWWA Scholarships for 2022!  This year VA AWWA supported two operators, one undergraduate student, and two graduate students through its scholarship program. These scholarships further the recipients’ education and help them along their career path in the water industry. 
Meet each of the recipients and hear in their own words why they like the water industry and how these scholarships will help them achieve their goals.
OneAWWA Operator's Scholarship
  • Chaz Fisher, Rapidan Service Authority
  • Victor Fischer, Virginia Department of Corrections
VA AWWA Ray A Jackson Undergraduate Scholarship
David Kibbie, attending Old Dominion University, majoring in Civil Engineering
“Water has interested me ever since I began working with the reverse osmosis and oily waste processing systems on my ship while I was in the Navy. While on a small scale, I found providing clean water to people and preventing oil pollution to be a rewarding experience. It made me interested in the challenges faced in water and wastewater systems on larger, municipal scales.” 
Dr. Robert C. Hoehn Graduate Student Scholarship
Erin Bereyso, Pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech
“I chose the water industry for my career because water impacts everyone. We all use it on a daily basis and life is dependent on access to safe drinking water and disposal and treatment of wastewater. I want to help find new technologies and processes to improve water quality, and consequently human health and the environment.”
Dr. Robert C. Hoehn Graduate Student Scholarship
Benjamin Winter, pursuing a Master of Science in Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech with a concentration in Water Resources
“I'm fascinated with water because of the delicate balance it plays in our lives.  From droughts to floods and providing for the environment, cities, and agriculture there will always be more to learn and appreciate about such a precious resource.”