Two awards in the amount of up to $1,000 will be given out to water system operators (plant or distribution) in Virginia.  Preference is given to small Waterworks.
Deadline:  May 15, 2020
One award in the amount of $2000 will be given out to an undergraduate student from universities and colleges in Virginia.
Deadline: May 29, 2020
Two awards in the amount of $2500 will be given out to graduate students from universities and colleges in Virginia.
Deadline: May 29, 2020

Please note the submittal deadlines for each scholarship and send in your completed applications to: Mark Titcomb ( and Geneva Hudgins (  Questions should be directed to Mark Titcomb.

Thank you and we look forward to your applications!

Students interested in applying for scholarships can become members of AWWA for free by completing a Student Membership Form and emailing it to
Previous Scholarship Recipients
The Student Activities Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the VA AWWA Scholarships for 2019!  This year VA AWWA supported two operators, one undergraduate student, and two graduate students through its scholarship program. These scholarships further the recipients’ education and help them along their career path in the water industry. 
Meet each of the recipients and hear in their own words why they like the water industry and how these scholarships will help them achieve their goals.
OneAWWA Operator's Scholarship
Annette Sparks, City of Portsmouth Department of Public Utilities
“What I like most about working as a water treatment plant operator is the daily hands-on application of math, science, and engineering concepts and principles I studied in school to accomplish the provision of safe pleasant drinking water for many.”
OneAWWA Operator's Scholarship
Howard Carter, Virginia Department of Corrections
VA AWWA Ray A Jackson Undergraduate Scholarship
David Wilcox, attending James Madison University majoring in Biology and minoring in Environmental Management.
“When I enrolled at JMU, I took an Industrial Environmental Management course where I learned how to write and implement plans for regulatory permits such as a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and a Wastewater Pretreatment Plan.  I’ve come to realize how essential water is as a resource, and how important it is to protect it.”
VA AWWA Graduate Student Scholarship
Anmol Vishwakarma, attending Virginia Tech pursuing his PhD in Civil Engineering.
“This scholarship will help me continue my work in making America's aging water infrastructure more sustainable and resilient.”
VA AWWA Graduate Student Scholarship
Ishi Keenum, attending Virginia Tech pursuing her PhD in Civil Engineering.
“Water scarcity as a result of climate change will be one of the greatest challenges my generation will face. I am interested in water reuse and how we can generate drinking water from wastewater. Moreover I am interested in how we measure the effectiveness of our treatment and all of the facets, both chemical and biological that play into what differentiates our water sources.”