George Warren Fuller Award
The Fuller Award is an association award that is given at the section level and is conferred on an individual for distinguished service in the water supply field in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, the brilliant diplomatic talent, and the constructive leadership which characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.
Nominee Eligibility Requirements
To qualify for the award, the person must be an Individual Member or a duly appointed representative of an organization member of the American Water Works Association. In the case of a posthumous award, the recipient must have been an AWWA member at the time of his/her death.
Nomination or Submission Deadline
Recommendation by a VA AWWA member through the submission of a completed entry form. Entry form submission must be received by July 20th for consideration.
Fuller Committee determines the Fuller nominee and presents it to the Board at the August Board meeting. 
Method of Selecting Award Recipient
Each year the Fuller Award Committee, made up of the previous five (5) Fuller Award recipients, upon reviewing the eligible candidates, shall determine if any member(s) of the section has provided outstanding leadership or has made a significant contribution toward the advancement of the waterworks practice within the Association and/or the Section such that he/she should receive the award. Following the selection of an awardee, the committee shall report its selection to the Virginia Section Director.
After the award has been presented the committee will forward its report, including the official citation, to the Executive Director for submission to AWWA for their subsequent award.
It is emphasized that the qualifications for the award specify that the services of the candidate must have been over and above those expected of officers and committee members in fulfilling the obligations or duties assigned to them. It is emphasized that the performance of a nominee must be exceptional and extraordinary.
Each section may award the same number of Fuller Awards as the number of its section Directors on the Association Board of Directors.
Annually, if deserved.
Presentation of the Award
The Award shall be presented at the Awards Banquet during the VA AWWA Annual Meeting (WaterJAM). The awardee is further recognized at the Fuller Breakfast that is held each year at the AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition.
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Past Winners

2021   D. A. Cornwell
2020   D. Mormon
2019   G. A. St. John
2018   R. Navratil
2017   J. M. Bennett-Bailey
2016   K. J. Levy
2015   M. L. Hotaling
2014   K. O. Johnston
2013   R. M. DiSalvo
2012   H. A. Mahan
2011    B. M. Wright
2010   B. A. Drylie
2009   R. T. Piland
2008  R. A. Sciacchitano
2007   D. B. Horne
2006   R. F. Canova
2005   G. C. Schafran
2004   R. E. Covington
2003   B. L. Ramaley
2002   A. L. Spiesman
2001   S. L. Williams
2000  G. C. Budd
1999    M. M. Bishop
1998   R. M. Gore
1997   C. O. Warnstaff
1996    H. J. Eggborn
1995    J. B. Richards, Jr.
1994    J. W. Givens
1993    G. W. Higgins
1992    R. J. Etris
1991    A. R. Hammer
1990   J. P. Waters
1989   M. P. Robinson, Jr.
1988   B. H. Kornegay
1987   G. W. Peaks
1986   A. V. Watts, Jr.
1985   W. H. Payne
1984   H. W. Evans, Jr.
1983   R. C. Hoehn
1982   W. J. Hunt
1981    J. E. Kemper
1980   P. J. Brady
1979    F. F. Eunpu
1978   R. A. Painter
1977    W. C. Thurston
1976    R. R. Peters
1975    O. H. Adams
1974    C. E. Hylton
1973    D. W. Richardson
1972    R. A. Jackson
1971    J. J. Corbalis, Jr.
1970   S. M. Hodges
1969    J. G. Jones
1968   C. G. Haney
1967    J. M. Pharr
1966    E. H. Ruehl
1965    J. B. Ferguson
1964    L. R. McClung
1963    D. S. Wallace
1962    H. F. Knoell
1961    B. L. Strother
1960   W. W. Anders
1959    E. C. Meredith
1958   J. P. Kavanaugh
1957    H. N. Lowe, Jr.
1956    W. R. Odor
1955    W. B. Harman
1954    X. D. Murden
1953    H. A. Johnson
1952    M. E. Siebert
1951    H. W. Snidow
1950   P. H. McCauhey
1949    H. E. Lordley
1948   W. Shewbridge
1947    C. E. Moore
1946    R. W. Fitzgerald
1945    C. L. Crockett
1944    R. Messer
1943    R. C. Bardwell
1942    E. F. Dugger
1941    E. R. Taylor
1939    M. C. Smith