Posted on Jan 13, 2022
Requires the SCC to establish by regulation exemptions to termination of service by a public utility that provides electric, gas, water, and wastewater services for certain customers. The bill requires such regulations to require a public utility to delay termination of service for any residential customer (i) who has not filed a serious medical condition form with the public utility for 15 calendar days, upon oral or written notification from the residential customer that such customer or a family member residing with the customer has a serious medical condition; for such customers, the utility shall delay disconnection for at least 60 calendar days upon receiving a serious medical condition form during the 15-day period; (ii) who has filed a serious medical condition form with the public utility; for at least 60 days beyond the expiration of any required notice; (iii) who is experiencing financial hardship and whose serious medical condition will last beyond the 60-calendar-delay period described in clause (ii); for such customers, the utility shall work to establish a payment plan and make all due effort to avoid service termination; or (iv) who certifies to the utility that the customer's household includes primary  residents who are not younger than 65 years of age, not older than 12 months of age, or have a disability; for minimum of 60 calendar days beyond expiration of notice. 
1/11/22 Referred to Commerce and Energy
1/31/22 Assigned Subc: Subc #1
2/15/22 Left in Commerce and Energy