Posted on Feb 21, 2024
Hanover County Government is actively seeking the next Director of Public Utilities to oversee and lead our team in both water and wastewater treatment needs. The Director of Public Utilities will play a critical leadership role in the County organization and will work closely with citizens, industry leaders and elected officials to ensure that we are innovative and forward-thinking with current and future utility assessments and programs. The successful incumbent for this position will excel in areas to include government policy and data analysis with a focus on strong leadership qualities. 
General Description: This is an executive-level professional position. The incumbent is a Department Head and performs professional and administrative tasks to oversee the County’s water and wastewater system and to ensure the effective operation of the Department of Public Utilities. 
Organization: The Director of Public Utilities reports to the Deputy County Administrator and oversees a staff of approximately ninety-five (95) employees. The incumbent directly supervises the Deputy Director of Engineering and Development, the Deputy Director of Operations & Maintenance and the Controller. 
Essential Functions:
   • Directs financial operations of the department, including development and monitoring of budget.
   • Oversees all functions necessary to implement the County’s long-term comprehensive plans.
   • Develops policies and procedures that comply with applicable state/county/federal rules, regulations and laws.
   • Ensures the delivery of services to citizens in a timely and cost-effective manner.
   • Responsible for annual budget preparation and Capital Improvement Program planning.
   • Represents the department in matters with Board of Supervisors, Planning Commissioners, customers, neighboring utilities, regulatory agencies and citizen groups.
   • Prepares reports and makes presentations as needed.
   • Performs related work as assigned. 
Salary Range:  $130,000.00 - $160,000.00
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