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SB 1492 (Stuart) Water utilities; retail supply choice


Posted on: 02/08/2017

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Dave Morris
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SB 1492 (Stuart) Water utilities; retail supply choice. Establishes a procedure under which investor-owned water utilities operating in Virginia may be required to prepare and implement plans to provide retail supply choice to all their customers. The governing body of a locality may petition the SCC to institute a proceeding to determine whether the rates charged by the water utility to its customers impose an undue hardship on the customers. Rates shall be deemed to impose an undue hardship on customers if the volumetric rates charged to the majority of the water utility's customers have increased by over 100 percent in the five calendar years preceding the filing of the petition. If a water utility fails or refuses to file an acceptable plan for implementation of retail supply choice, the governing body of the locality may proceed against the incumbent water utility by a writ of quo warranto. The bill also establishes a private right of action for individuals harmed by competitive water suppliers' deceptive or unfair practices in providing or marketing water service. http://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?171+sum+SB1492


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