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Webinar: Public Outreach for Engagement and Behavior Change


Start Date: 08/14/2018 12:00pm
End Date: 08/14/2018 1:30pm

Contact Information

Denise Nelson


Webinar:  Public Outreach for Engagement and Behavior Change

Date/Time:  August 14, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Description:    This webinar will share two topics:

Storytelling for Local Government

In our local government jobs, we are increasingly expected to comply with open data policies, track and report progress, stay active on social media, and engage the community – in addition to the actual work. And we're often up against resource limitations. Yet we have data at our fingertips that can be a gold mine of compelling stories that in turn inspire action and create real impact. The same can be said for those working at utilities, water resource agencies and as environmental scientists and engineers. 

You can use data-driven stories to:

  • Let your community know about the work you’re doing and successes you’ve had
  • Ensure that elected officials and other key stakeholders are aware of those successes and your impact on people’s lives
  • Engage the community in a planning process
  • Inspire people to take action to help meet your sustainability, conservation or other community goals

In this session we’ll walk through KLA’s Storytelling Framework, take a look at best practices, and discuss tools that are available to support you.

Drug Takeback Program

As national reporting showed trace amounts of medications in our nation’s waterways, the Roanoke Area Youth Substance Abuse Coalition (RAYSAC) and the Western Virginia Water Authority (Authority) formed a partnership in 2010 to address the environmental and health risks involved with the improper disposal and misuse of prescription drugs, an issue that impacts all communities.   RAYSAC was concerned about prescription drug abuse among youth.  Data shows that an increasing number of youth get drugs from family members or friends who have unused or expired prescription medications in their homes.  The Authority wanted to protect our valley’s waterways.  While these two organizations have different missions, we came together to create one strong voice that improved the community’s knowledge about the health and environmental risks involved in the improper disposal and misuse of prescription drugs and helped protect the quality of the water in the Roanoke Valley.

Through community partnerships, sponsorship of semi-annual drug take-back days and community messaging, disposal & storage methods are changing, conversations are happening among all stakeholders and over 31,000 pounds of medication has been collected for safe disposal in the Roanoke Valley.

Target Audience:  Engineers in the water/wastewater field and staff at municipal public utilities in Virginia. 

Learning Objectives.  Following the webinar, attendees should be able to:

·        List tools available to support storytelling

·        Name techniques for engaging the public and collecting feedback

·        Describe the unusual partnership that lead to the success of the drug takeback program in the Roanoke Valley.

Moderator:  Christel Dyer, HRSD


Kim Lundgren, Kim Lundgren Associates.  Kim Lundgren is CEO of Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc. (KLA), a benefits corporation that delivers customized solutions for local governments to create the sustainable community they want. Kim is an early municipal sustainability pioneer that wrote the first climate action plan in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and one of the first climate adaptation plans in the country. She has spent the last sixteen years partnering with hundreds of local governments across the country to design, plan, fund, implement, and evaluate sustainability programs focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Sarah Baumgardner, Western Virginia Water Authority.  Ms. Baumgardner, who helped spearhead this community outreach program, is the Public Relations Manager at the Western Virginia Water Authority, the drinking water and sanitary sewer service provider in the City of Roanoke and the Counties of Roanoke, Franklin and Botetourt, Virginia

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