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Virginia Section - AWWA recognizes and awards water industry employers that support their employees to be members of VA AWWA. Support ranges from general membership to committee participation to leadership roles in VA AWWA and participation in VA AWWA seminars, training and related activities. Nominate your employer by September 3, 2013, if you believe your employer has taken the extra step in supporting your efforts to be a member of VA AWWA. CLICK HERE to download a Nomination Form SEND NOMINATIONS TO: Ron Tatariw , Membership Committee Chair rtatariw@pwcsa.org or FAX: 703-335-7951 QUESTION... read more

Do You Want to Advertise for an Upcoming Event? Well, the VAAWWA Publication Committee has an Idea for you... Submit Your Information to wE- SPLASH Wow to Submit Your Information: (250 words or less) Go to the VA AWWA website ( www.vaawwa.org ) On the banner at the top of the page, hover over the menu for "Get Involved" Click on "Publication Submission" Scroll to bottom of page where the "Submission Form" is located Provide a title for your announcement or photo to be uploaded Under VA AWWA Group, choose your Committee Name Under Publication Type, choose "Newsletter" When "Newsletter" is chos... read more

The VA AWWA is going to be having a brand new monthly E-Newsletter that will be emailed out to the association's members from March until December (10 monthly e-newsletters). Would your company like to become a charter sponsor of the new E-Newsletter? As a charter sponsor, your company logo will be recognized on the E-Newsletter's opening page with a direct link to your website.The total cost to have your logo (and link to your website) appearing in all 10 E-Newsletters for the year is $2,000. NOTE: There is a maximum of 10 sponsors per E-Newsletter and they will be reserved on a first-come f... read more