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Welcome new members:     Xuhui Zeng        -      Karlyn Owens, Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd.      -      Jonathan Rogers      -      Robert Roche, White Tail Resort Inc.      -      Andy Winiesdorffer, Prince William County Service Authority      -      Justin Law, Fairfax Water      -     Tyler Brickles      -     Warner Thomas      -      Paul Faeth, CNA     -     Holden Shepard    -     Emmanuel Cooper     -    James Melton    -     David Garrett, Town of Altavista     -     Thessa Bravo    -    Steve Helsley, Frederick County Sanitation Authority    -    Valeria Llanos   -    Jacob Metch    -    Town of Leesburg    -    John Rowe, Marstel-Day, LLC    -    Miranda Brannon, Air Force Medical Support Agency    -    David Burnett, Virginia Beach Public Utilities    -    Daniel Campbell, City of Staunton    -    Chuck Chaitovitz, GETF    -    Marty Graham, Loudon Water    -    Kipp Hanley, Prince William County Service Authority    -    Matthew Hood, City of Virginia Beach     -    Alison Ingram, Fairfax Water    -    Katherine Lusich-Nixon, Virginia Beach Public Utilities    -    Christopher Mata, Loudon Water    -    Barry Matthews, Virginia Department of Health - Office of Drinking Water    -   James McCammon, Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center    -    Liz McLeod, Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.    -    Marissa Resto, Keller America Inc.     -    Artis Thompson, Fairfax Water

Competitions Check out all the Virginia Section competitors as they strive for perfection and the National title!    Young Professionals Poster Contest Katherine Phetxumphou 3rd Place Meter Madness Samantha Dietz, Spotysylvania County 1st Place   Mike Sherwood, City of Virginia Beach 3rd Place   Pipe Tapping Exhibit Hall Booth 3139 Tuesday, June 9th - 3:15 pm Wednesday, June 10th - FINALS - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm   Top OpsAnaheim Convention Center 303 A-BTuesday, June 9th - 1:00 - 3:00 pmWednesday, June 10th - 1:00 - 4:00 pm   Water Taste Test People's Choice Taste Test Exhibit Hall Booth 2038 or ... read more

Every journey begins with just a few steps.  Those steps are reflections of our goals, expectations and influences.  So, wouldn’t it be great if the journey had signs directing us to the most effective route to success?  Sometimes they do.  And when they do, often times that signage comes in the form of a mentor.  If you’re a student or young professional with under ten (10) years of water/wastewater experience and looking for a little guidance from someone who’s been there, check out this new program.  If you’re a more seasoned professional and would enjoy reaching back to help a young profes... read more

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